School – Senior Pictures

Seavolt’s Studio pride themselves in providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We try to capture the true personalities of each and every senior. Remember, you are only a senior once. We have spent more than twenty years landscaping our facilities that surround our studio in order to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in which everyone will feel at home.

  • Our studio is located on a 12-acre pond full of wildlife.
  • 2,600 gallon Japanese water garden exquisitely decorated with plant life, unique rocks, structures, waterfalls, bridge, and stocked with vivid KOI fish.
  • Gazebo overlooking a 12-acre pond, and
  • Beautiful arrangement of various types of flowers planted throughout the premises.




Seavolt’s Studio has shot more than 3,000 weddings, from small to extravagant. Our studio strives to make your wedding photographs exceed your expectations. We capture each special moment and event that takes place in every wedding.  From walking down the aisle to driving away toward your honeymoon.

Seavolt’s Studio also understands that weddings are not cheap. To help our customers, we offer a reasonable price cut on your engagement pictures if you also book us for your wedding. Every penny counts when planning a wedding!!!

  • We offer top quality at affordable prices.
  • Never settle for anyone but the best because…
  • You are worth it and we are excited to do an excellent job for YOU!